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Advanced International Minimally Invasive Stone Surgery


This course mainly covers the technical features and clinical uses of surgical instruments (endoscopes) and auxiliary equipment that should be available in the armamentarium for Endoscopic Combined Intrarenal Surgery (ECIRS), which is a combination technique of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS) and Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNL). Attendees will learn a variety of techniques through engaging hands-on skills learning on silicone-based models. Additionally, the attendees will be experienced the utilization both of high-power HoYAG laser and Thulium fiber laser (TFL) for lithotripsy. Attendees will leave the course with an improved understanding of treating their patients through transureteral and percutaneous kidney access.


During the course, the attendees will have multiple presentations about endourological armamentarium including endoscopes, lasers and ancillary equipment for surgical treatment of urolithiasis. Additionally, the attendees will receive feedback and guidance throughout the simulation sessions (RIRS) on the silicone-based models under the guidance of the tutors. Tutors will offer insights into best practices, troubleshoot any challenges encountered, and help participants refine their skills for optimal performance. Moreover, the attendees will have the opportunity to observe the live surgeries in the OR and discuss the details of the surgical techniques with the tutors. By combining hands-on simulation training with observation of live surgeries and discussions with tutors, the course offers a comprehensive learning experience that prepares attendees to confidently apply their skills in real clinical scenarios.