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Moment Eğitim Araştırma Sağlık Hizmetleri ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (referred to as "Company"), we make use of certain technologies such as cookies, pixels, GIFs, etc. (“cookies")  in order to enhance your browsing experience during your visit to our websites ("Website"), use of our applications, or any other online or offline domains we offer to you in the digital environment (all the domains mentioned will be referred to as "Platform" together.) 


The use of such technologies is being carried out in accordance with the legislation that we are subjected to, in particular, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“Law”).


The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to inform you regarding the processing of your personal data obtained by cookies during your use of the Platforms. With this Cookie Policy, we would like to explain to you what kind of cookies we use on our website and applications, the purpose of our use of these cookies and how you can control them. 


As Company, we may stop using the cookies that we use on our website and application, change their types or functions or implement new cookies.  Therefore, we reserve the right to update the provisions of this Cookie Policy at any time. Any changes made on the current Cookie Policy shall be effective as of its publishing on the website or in any public domain. You may find the last update date at the end of the Cookie Policy. 



Method and Legal Reason of Personal Data Collection

Personal data relating to you shall be collected electronically during your visit to our Website and use of our application by means of cookies and on the basis of legal reason related the legitimate interest of the Company. Marketing and advertising activities performed through targeting and profiling would be carried out only if you provide your explicit consent. Your personal data shall be processed in accordance with the purposes for processing personal data set forth under Article 5 and 6 of the Law and for the purposes specified in this Cookie Policy. 


To whom and for what Purpose the Personal Data could be Transferred

As Company, we may transfer your personal data within the scope of this Cookie Policy to our business partners, our suppliers, legally authorized public and private entities within the limit of above specified purposes and in accordance with the relevant legislation. 


The Type and The Purposes of Cookies 

As Company, we use cookies for various purposes and process your personal data by means of these cookies. Such purposes are:


Cookies Used on our Website and Application

Below you can find different types of cookies that we use on our Website and application. We use both first party cookies (placed by the website you are visiting) and third-party cookies (placed by the servers other than the website you are visiting) on our Website and application.  


Essential Cookies 

The use of certain cookies is mandatory for our site and application to function correctly. For instance; when you sign in to our site, the authentication cookies that are activated enable you to continue your session that is active when you switch from one page to another.  


Functionality and Customizer Cookies 

These cookies remember your preferences and choices on the Website and application and make the services offered on our Website personalize for you. For example, it allows us to remember the language selection of you on our site or the font size you selected when reading a text. 


Performance and Analyze Cookies

These cookies allow us to conduct to improve the services we provide to you by analyzing your use of our Website and application and the performance of our Website and application. For instance; we are able to identify which pages our visitors visit the most, how our Website works properly, and possible problems.


Targeting and Advertising Cookies 

We use cookies to promote products and services on our site or on the platforms other than our site. In addition; we may collaborate with our business partners to promote advertising and promotion within or outside our Website. For example; cookies may be used to track whether you click on an ad on our Website or not, and whether you buy the service on that website or not.


How to Control Cookie Use?

The preferences of our visitors and users regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies are essential for us. However, Cookies which are mandatory for Platform to function correctly required to be used. In addition, we would like to remind you that some functions of the Platform may not work partially or completely if some cookies are turned off.

Information regarding how you can manage your preferences for cookies used on the Platform are as follows:


What are your rights as data owners?

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law; as data subjects, you are entitled to the following rights;


You may forward your requests regarding your rights listed above to our institution. Your requests will be concluded free of charge, as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of your request; however, if the transaction requires additional cost, you may be charged according to the tariff specified by the Personal Data Protection Board.




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