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Advanced Elbow Trauma Cadaver Course

Advanced Elbow Trauma Cadaver Course





This course aims to teach the anatomy, the concept of elbow stability and the spectrum of elbow trauma. The hands-on cadaver section consists of topics covering surgical treatment of basic and complex elbow injuries. The course will provide a thorough understanding of the ligamentous and ossesous elbow injuries and introduce key techniques on ligament repair or reconstruction and fracture fixation. Trainees will be able to perform hands-on practice on fresh-frozen human cadavers.




The course consists of a didactic part in the beginning and hands-on cadaver sessions. We aimed to leave enough time to the cadaver sessions therefore the lecture will be concise to provide an overall rewiew of the topic and participants are expected to have basic knowledge.

In the cadaver sessions, surgeries will be guided step by step by the senior lecturer and performed by the participants. The same cadaver will be used for all surgeries, from minor and minimal invasive one to most extensile approaches.




Lecutres in classroom (pathophysiology, anatomy, biomechanics, classifications for each injury and indications for surgery)

Cadaver Course 1, Lateral approach to the elbow: Kocher and Kaplan approaches, lateral collateral ligament repair and reconstruction, radial head screw and plate fixation

Cadaver Course 2, Medial approach to the elbow: Ulnar nerve dissection and transposition, medial collateral ligament repair an reconstruction, coronoid and medical facet fractures

Cadaver Course 3, Posterior approach to the elbow: Olecranon osteotomy and fixation, parallel and orthogonal plating

Cadaver Course 4, Anterior approach to the elbow: Distal biceps repair and reconstruction

Cadaver Course 5, Hinged external fixator application




  • Orthopedic surgeons and senior residents with basic trauma experience




  • Dr. Mehmet Demirhan
  • Dr. İlker Eren




  • Course Language: English
  • Course Duration: One Day

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